is an awesome website to increase student engagement in the classroom.

You can check out our video review below

I do all my best testing at home with my four school aged boys. In this review I tested Blooket out with my 8, 11 and 13 year olds.

Signup was a breeze for all of them.

They were all excited for the “free” Blooks that were already in their suitcase

Finding the play button was no problem and within a minute we were already playing!

Every time you enter a game a note pops up asking if you would like a tutorial. This is great. A quick run through or reminder of how to play that specific game (for example: The Cafe).

Once students have an account they can create their own question sets or discover other people’s question sets. I like this feature because if gives students freedom to choose and play on their own. Here are my thoughts…

>Will the novelty wear off if students play too much on their own?

>If students are earning coins and purchasing Blooks on their own, then it’s like they’re earning points for the class doing things that are outside the class. So if they “level up” a character, it may not be tied to classwork of the classroom game, but rather, playing random games in the Discover section.

OVERALL: So much fun. Easy to use. The base level is FREE and has tons of options. Students are highly engaged!

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